The City of Wanneroo encompasses an area of 786 square kilometers. The Wanneroo Volunteer Fire Support Brigade supports the Volunteer Bushfire Brigades of Wanneroo, Quinns Rocks and Two Rocks, who provide a fire prevention and suppression service for the municipality with the exception of areas under the care and control of the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and the gazetted fire districts controlled by the WA Fire and Rescue Service.

The bush fire fighting area consists of coastal dunes and gently undulating sand country with numerous outcrops of limestone and caprock. The vegetation of the district includes large areas of pine plantations, swamps, heavy bush areas, rural properties and buildings.

The Wanneroo Volunteer Fire Support Brigade consists of approximately 16 volunteer members who are rostered on for at least one weekend each month, 12 months of the year. The Fire Support Brigade can provide assistance to the WA Fire and Rescue Service, DPaW, Wanneroo Shire Fire Brigades, and also deployed to other Regional Shires when required.  The services provided can be radio communications, phone and facsimile access, printing of necessary documentation including maps. The Fire Support Brigade duties include a Collar Tank. This is used to provide water for Helitacs to help fight fires at incidents. The Fire Support Brigade has just been issued with a new 12,000 Litre Water Tanker (12.2) to assist with providing water to the fire fighting vehicles or to the collar tank if required.

The Fire Support Brigade fleet consists of  –

 1x Incident Control Vehicle (ICV), 1x Fire Support Vehicle (FSV), 1x Collar Tank Trailer, 1x Mobile Canteen Trailer, and 1x 12.2 Heavy Water Tanker + Collar Tank.